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Q: What is a story?

A story is the series of photos tied together by sweetspots. Stories are used to create a narative for engaging your audience deeply with visual content. Each story has its own landing page, full-screen mode, embed code, and media management system.

Q: What if my subscription expires?

Stories generated on expired subscriptions will continue to be accessible via thier links. Existing embed codes and custom domain links will continue to be active. Accounts with due balances can not edit or update stories.

Q: What are the analytics?

SweetSpot has many points of audience engagement. To better understand your audience, we provide three tiers of engagement. Our basic tier shows visit counts and overall page view count. In addition to the basic services, our advanced tier provides details on time spent on slides and hotspot usage behavior. Our custon analytics offering allows event tracking for optimized user analysis and hotspot placement.

Q: Can I export my projects?

Yes! We provide a way to export your projects.

Q: For more questions, who can I talk to?

For product or service questions, contact Lenny at For security questions, please contact